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0024241mantisbtmarkdownpublic2021-01-05 18:59
Reporteratrol Assigned Todregad  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version2.12.1 
Target Version2.26.0 
Summary0024241: $g_html_valid_tags are not rendered if Markdown is enabled

This is a try to use one of the default $g_html_valid_tags (strong).

<strong>Some strong words</strong>

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has duplicate 0024292 closedatrol Formatting Bug Notes 
has duplicate 0024484 closedatrol Markdown quoting rendered with broken HTML seems not to be solved 
has duplicate 0024527 closedatrol The plugin MantisCoreFormatting does not work 
has duplicate 0024999 closeddregad Remove call to $Parsedown->setSafeMode(true) in MantisMarkdown.php 
related to 0024233 closedatrol Markdown quoting rendered with broken HTML 
related to 0024628 assigneddregad Double quotes " and lesser than sign < are shown as HTML entity within Markdown code blocks 
child of 0022180 new Markdown issues following implementation in 0017920 




2018-04-13 09:55

developer   ~0059565

Work-in-progress attempt to fix this issue can be found in PR

Testing and feedback would be welcome.