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0025681mantisbtplug-inspublic2020-09-09 08:54
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Summary0025681: Problem with date range filter in MantisGraph issues_trend_page.php

Can we say that MantisGraph works correctly on the issues_trend_page.php page?
I have some problem with the "From" and "To" fields. They do not contain dates.
Also, these fields are blocked for input in the "Arbitrary Dates" filter.

If you look through the browser debugger, the "value" parameters contain valid data. And if you look at these fields at the time of updating the page, you can see that the date appears, but then quickly disappears. I traced the debugger in the mantisbt kernel, and found that this problem occurs after running html_javascript_link ('list-'. LISTJS_VERSION. '. Min.js') for the "From" field, and html_javascript_link ("ace.min.js') for the field "To".

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related to 0020040 closedsyncguru Replace jscalendar by a newer widget 




2019-04-05 05:23

reporter   ~0061833

Perhaps duplicate issue



2019-04-05 05:35

reporter   ~0061834

Checked the date requirements in the documentation
Everything is correctly configured.



2019-04-05 06:42

reporter   ~0061836

A little debugger walked through the code in bootstrap-datetimepicker-4.17.47.min.js
The field is cleared during the execution of the following line:
in"DateTimePicker") || (d = a.extend(!0, {}, a.fn.datetimepicker.defaults, b),



2019-04-05 07:11

developer   ~0061837

Last edited: 2019-04-05 07:15

According to git bisect, it would appear that issues_trend_page.php page is completely broken (EDIT: or more accurately, when used with Arbitrary Dates period) since MantisBT master 6f73af16 (see 0020040).

Prior to that it was (more or less) working, i.e. the date picker was apparently returning dates in the wrong format (with YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM, instead of YYYY-MM-DD), causing the code to use 1970-01-01 if time is present (didn't check reason for this behavior or the use of wrong format).



2020-09-07 10:38

reporter   ~0064383


bug_arbitrary_dates.png (25,393 bytes)   
bug_arbitrary_dates.png (25,393 bytes)   


2020-09-08 04:26

developer   ~0064384


Don't know how to explain this table?

This is a sequential row number and the corresponding date. What's confusing, is that when the selected date interval is <= days, then the data is broken down into hourly intervals instead of daily, but the time is not displayed.

Cannot key in

That has already been reported in this issue's original description, and I have confirmed the bug, so this is nothing new.
Since no dates can be provided, the code uses the current day.



2020-09-08 22:02

reporter   ~0064385

This is a sequential row number and the corresponding date. What's confusing, is that when the selected date interval is <= days, then the data is broken >down into hourly intervals instead of daily, but the time is not displayed.

why the counting (accumulate issues) are all the same in each row?



2020-09-09 04:17

developer   ~0064388

why the counting (accumulate issues) are all the same in each row?

Because there was no change in the given period...



2020-09-09 04:21

developer   ~0064389

Last edited: 2020-09-09 05:07

@123 @amphetamine
I'd be curious to know to what purpose and how you use this view. Can you share your experience / process ?

I'm asking because it seems to me that displaying a table with aggregated raw data like this is not directly useful, and I would think that exporting it (e.g. Excel) would be required for further analysis.



2020-09-09 04:31

reporter   ~0064390

Unfortunately, I can no longer remember why I needed it.



2020-09-09 05:09

reporter   ~0064391

I'm trying to evaluate my team member's performance during setting period of time (how many cases they have and how many cases they've updated and resolved).



2020-09-09 08:54

developer   ~0064397

In that case maybe it's more appropriate and simpler, to start from View Issues page, set appropriate filter (e.g. by Last Updated Date) and then click on Summary button so you can use the existing stats, as well as graphs (if you have MantisGraph plugin). The downside is that this does not currently offer dynamic date filters (e.g. last month, year-to-date)

Related Changesets

MantisBT: master 6f73af16

2016-11-06 17:30


Committer: dregad

Details Diff
Replace jscalendar with bootstrap-datetimepicker library

- Enable datetimepciker on all pages by default
- Relocate inline JS code into standalone files
- Remove CSP exceptions for jscalendar
- Multi-language support

Fixes 0020040
Affected Issues
0020040, 0025681
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rm - js/jscalendar/calendar-blue.css Diff
rm - js/jscalendar/calendar-setup.js Diff
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rm - js/jscalendar/lang/calendar-en.js Diff
add - js/moment-with-locales.min.js Diff File
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