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0027156mantisbtsecuritypublic2022-07-30 11:04
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Summary0027156: Replace SecurImage Captcha library

The SecurImage captcha library we've been relying on since 2013 is no longer maintained. We need to identify and implement an alternative.

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2021-09-03 11:56

developer   ~0065816

One possible candidate to evaluate



2022-03-14 06:38

reporter   ~0066357

Instead of just replacing one captcha solution with another, I think it would be great if captchas could be modularized and customized. I created 0021863 for this a while ago. The main rationale consists of two points:

  • Being able to offer e.g. a text-based captcha would increase accessibility.
  • Custom captchas drive away spammers, as they usually concentrate their effort on the default captcha methods.

To satisfy both points, a custom captcha could for example consist of user-defined textual questions, which typically cannot be solved by spam bots, while also being accessible to blind users.