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0027164mantisbtotherpublic2020-09-17 16:40
ReporterMythotical Assigned Todregad  
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PlatformLinuxOSCentOSOS Version7
Product Version2.24.2 
Summary0027164: Error #200 When Selecting Profile

I added a profile to my account when I select it from the dropdown and click Submit, I get this error.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to My Account
  2. Click Profiles
  3. Add a profile (if one doesn't exist)
  4. Scroll to the bottom
  5. Select a profile (or newly created profile) from the dropdown
  6. Click Submit and error appears
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related to 0027256 resolveddregad Refactor Profiles management pages to display a list of records 




2020-08-26 19:26


Issue-Tracker.png (160,765 bytes)   
Issue-Tracker.png (160,765 bytes)   
Profiles-Issue-Tracker.png (137,373 bytes)   
Profiles-Issue-Tracker.png (137,373 bytes)   


2020-08-27 03:35

developer   ~0064294

Looks like you simply forgot to select which action (Edit, Make Default, Delete) you would like to take on the selected profile.



2020-08-27 04:53

reporter   ~0064295

Oooooh, gotcha. That is a little confusing if you ask me, maybe change that up in a future version so it's not so confusing.



2020-08-27 11:09

developer   ~0064296

TBH even though I don't use it myself, I don't like this screen's UX... I think its logic is backwards, i.e. selecting an action from a radio, then the object before clicking Submit. It would make more sense to present a list of profiles with individual action buttons, like we do in other parts of MantisBT (e.g. adm_config_report.php).

Do you have other suggestions of what we should do to make things less confusing ?



2020-08-28 18:47

reporter   ~0064317

I have one more, on the Manage Configuration -> Manage Columns, have the properties in a checkbox list format that is scrollable that way everyone knows what fields are available to include.

Oh one more, Manage Configuration -> Manage Site would be a good idea to have where we can manage our logo, site title, etc without having to use config_inc.php variables to set different things. I don't mean include everything, just the normal stuff of site logo, site name, site title, site description, keywords, language, theme.

Also have it possible where people can upload to a new folder called 'themes' where you create a folder of your choosing, upload a CSS file and preview file then on the config for the site they choose from a list of names of styles in that folder which the names would have to be kept in a PHP or XML file. A theme manager would be nice on top of this allowing us to see what each theme looks like but if people provide a screenshot with their download we wouldn't need a theme manager.

That is all I have for suggestions for now. If I find time, I'll do a pull request and try to do some of this myself to help ya guys out.



2020-08-29 07:16

developer   ~0064324

I meant, specifically for the profile selection feature ;-)

Please open separate issues (look for existing ones first) to track your suggestions. And pull requests would be great !

I have one more, on the Manage Configuration -> Manage Columns, have the properties in a checkbox list format that is scrollable that way everyone knows what fields are available to include.

This plugin might be what you're looking for



2020-08-30 17:40

reporter   ~0064330

LOL my bad, misunderstood what you meant. I'll do that before I create new feature suggestions. Yeah that plugin will do the trick.



2020-09-06 11:33

developer   ~0064376

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@Mythotical please see 0027256 as a follow-up to improve the Manage Profile screens' user interface.

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