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0028385mantisbtrsspublic2021-10-02 23:39
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Product Version2.25.0 
Summary0028385: The RSS url is functionnal a short time


When I copy the RSS url and paste the url in my RSS reader, it's work.

But the next day (maybe before), my RSS reader says the RSS is not available.
So I copy again the url and paste ... it's work again.

Is there a timeout or duration for the RSS link ?

Have a nice day

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Mantis BT 2.25.0

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related to 0027976 closeddregad CVE-2009-20001: User cookie string is not reset upon logout 




2021-04-29 11:53

developer   ~0065455

The RSS key is a hash calculated based on username, password and session cookie string.

So, if one of these elements changes (which could for example happen because you logged out, causing your session cookie to change, or using a "non-permanent" session by not checking the Remember my login in this browser box at login time) then the RSS link is no longer able to log you in automatically and gives you a login page. And even if you login successfully, still the key is no longer valid.

I didn't test, but this could be a consequence of 0027976. Was it working before 2.24.5 ?



2021-04-29 11:59

reporter   ~0065456

Yes, when i was in 2.24.4, It was working.



2021-04-29 12:13

developer   ~0065457

I don't have an immediate solution, unless you stay logged in.

Since the invalidation of the session cookie was implemented to fix a security issue, this can't be reverted.

Alternatively, if your Mantis allows anonymous login you can try to use URL (without the username / key parameters) to get a feed for the anonymous user, but that may not give you the same results as your personal, identified session (private issues / projects).



2021-10-02 07:04

reporter   ~0065880

Same here, since the update to 2.25 the RSS feeds are only working a short time.



The RSS feed address changes (the key changes while being logged in) and a RSS reader gets confused, even copy?paste to a browser shows an "access denied" message.

This feature was so cool and handy, I really miss it.