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0032027mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2023-05-25 15:45
Reporterdregad Assigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Target Version2.26.0 
Summary0032027: PHP 8.2 support

This is a generic issue to track PHP 8.2 compatibility. See related child issues for details.

MantisBT 2.25 cannot support PHP 8.2. This is due to the cross-dependency between the ADOdb library version 5.20 we're using, and our minimum supported PHP version (5.6).

ADOdb supports PHP 8.2 as of release 5.22.5, which has not yet been released as of this writing.

TagsPHP 8.2


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2023-02-17 10:12

reporter   ~0067398

PHP 8.2 is released 3 months ago, some updates to this version are comming.
Currently mantis does not even run. Warnings are one thing, but fatal errors or uncaught exceptions should be avoided.



2023-02-17 10:30

reporter   ~0067403

Last edited: 2023-02-17 10:49

patch added, to make mantis at least "work"

EDIT (dregad): for the record, the patch was added to 0031928



2023-02-17 10:48

developer   ~0067405

As stated, we are only supporting PHP up to 8.1 in the 2.25 branch, and we will not patch an upstream library for this. PHP 8.2 will be supported in version 2.26, when it is released (hopefully soon, as time allows).

In the meanwhile you're welcome to modify the source code of local instance, at your own risk of course.



2023-04-29 01:37

manager   ~0067717

Updating this issue since it seems that @dregad released 5.22.5 ADODB release -