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0032558mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2023-05-30 15:08
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Summary0032558: Updates lost - save uncommitted updates using web session storage?

Sometimes updates are lost when you submit them after a long period apparently idle (actually just working out what to write).

I first tried mantis out many years ago and liked it.
One issue I had was that you can spend quite a long time writing an update in the text box and then when you click submit it is lost.
So I had to get into the habit of writing updates into a text file and copying them into the update box.

I have recently started a new job where Mantis is in use and it has the same issue.

Web applications created more recently do not have this problem.
With Jira and stackoverflow for example my text is somehow saved so that if I navigate away from the page and come back I can carry on typing.

I believe this is typically handled using html5's session storage. See for example:

Note local storage is a potential security risk but session storage should not be.

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duplicate of 0025692 acknowledged How to set Session Timeout higher - my session expire if i stay in the same ticket for timetracking 




2023-05-18 06:15

developer   ~0067763

This a known and long-standing problem with MantisBT, which has been reported many times in the past.

Unfortunately, as mentioned in 0026608:0063541, there is no easy fix for it, so as a workaround I can only recommend to increase the PHP session lifetime for now.

Interesting suggestion to use HTML5 session storage instead of PHP's, but not sure it's practical as it would likely involve a major refactoring of how Mantis as it's almost exclusively server-based scripts today.

I'm closing this as duplicate of 0025692.