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0005068mantisbtcustom fieldspublic2005-05-31 11:23
Reporterstevemagruder Assigned Tovboctor  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.19.2 
Fixed in Version1.0.0a1 
Summary0005068: Custom fields showing up unexpectedly while doing "Change Status to:"

Custom fields that are set to "Display When Updating Issues" show up when I do a "Change Status to:" (like to acknowledged or assigned). I agree that this is technically an update, but it also doesn't make much sense, in that other standard fields aren't showing up. I don't think the custom fields are necessarily special enough to show up in any "Change Status to:" page.

It would make more sense if "updating" meant only going through the full record update of the issue (including all fields that are updateable), rather than doing a "Change Status to:".

There's already custom field settings of "Display When Resolving Issues" and "Display When Closing Issues" that differentiate from updating. Therefore, it would make to sense to further differentiate and have "Display When Acknowledging Issues", "Display When Assigning Issues", etc.

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2005-01-25 04:54

reporter   ~0009091

This is also my opinion.
But keep the status quo of the two fields "Resolution" and "Fixed in version".
It is very useful to to display them when resolving or closing an issue.



2005-05-26 11:56

reporter   ~0010249

I'm reopening only to ask if 0005527 didn't reverse the fix for this one. Please tell me it didn't. I haven't had the time to upgrade lately, so I can't check it out myself.



2005-05-26 13:45

reporter   ~0010251

Partially. Only fields that are marked as required are displayed. (e.g. required on resolve fields will show up when you change the status to resolved).



2005-05-26 21:48

reporter   ~0010259

OK... I guess this is not an issue then. My concern was about "Display When..." Once I upgrade, I'll review how all this is working, and if I have any concerns then, I'll open a new issue. Thanks!



2005-05-27 07:52

reporter   ~0010260

User requested issue be closed.