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0006899mantisbtotherpublic2021-03-26 13:38
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Product Version1.0.0rc1 
Summary0006899: Display all issues across different projects, filter "by reporter" does not work properly

We have several projects running and different project teams.
The default access level for any user in Mantis is "viewer", projects are set private so we give project-specific user rights.

Now the problem occurs that no one but the administrators is able to filter

  • all projects
  • reported by [self]

Assumed this is because of their general user level "viewer"? Unfortunately this is ignoring the fact that they can have rights up to manager in projects and they would love to see their work across all projects.

Edit: Current version: Mantis 1.0.0rc1

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has duplicate 0028123 closeddregad "Report" & "Monitored By" in Filters can only choose the administrator if we disable Mantis user to file new tickets 




2011-10-20 08:18

reporter   ~0030005

I just added a note in the issue
0006105: Filter "reporter", "monitored" and "assigned to" does not include Members of Subprojects
about the same problem i'm experiencing.