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by bodom
27 Oct 2021, 07:35
Forum: Customizations
Topic: Small mod to allow using Cc and Bcc in emails
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Small mod to allow using Cc and Bcc in emails

Hi there,

me and a colleague have made this 10 lines of code simple mod to allow emails sent from Mantis to use Cc and Bcc fields:

I feel it will be useful to others too, can we have it merged?
by bodom
06 Jul 2020, 12:37
Forum: Help
Topic: Mantis 2.x: disabling two-step login
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Mantis 2.x: disabling two-step login

Hi there. I have just upgraded mantis from 1.x to 2.x. First of all: Great Job!!! You kept all the features i love and didn't mess up everything just like many do in major upgrades. Now, the login is a two-step procedure: in the first page, i am asked for the username, then, in a second page, i am a...
by bodom
01 Feb 2017, 07:53
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: 1.3.x download link?
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1.3.x download link?

Hi there!

I see a new 1.3 release has been announced in the blog but, when following the download link, it leads to a 2.x only download page; in other words, the website seems to be broken.

Does anybody have a direct 1.3.x download link?

Thank you