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by falexandre90650
16 Oct 2020, 12:50
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Topic: Rest API is not activated.
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Rest API is not activated.

Hi all, Someone installed mantis on the server of my company. For a project, I developed a PYthon code which use Mantis API (like it explained in Postman). To test this python program, I installed a mantis in my computer with xamp. Everything goes well When I tried to use the Python code with the ne...
by falexandre90650
26 Aug 2020, 14:01
Forum: Help
Topic: Add attachments to issue via API
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Add attachments to issue via API

Hi all ! I try to add attachments to an issue via API as explained in that website : I am using a Python script which follows : url_issue = "{{url_Mantis}}/api/rest/issues/{{id_...
by falexandre90650
23 Jun 2020, 08:46
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Topic: Configuration MantisHub
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Configuration MantisHub

Bonjour à tous, Je souhaiterais configurer le nom des statuts des anomalies sur MantisHub. Il y a, en effet, une zone de configuration dans "gérer/gérer la configuration/Rapport de configuration" dans laquelle il doit être possible de modifier tout ce que l'on souhaite. Cependant, n'ayant ...