(semi) automatic checking for plugin updates.

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(semi) automatic checking for plugin updates.

Post by cas »

On Gitter there was a question to what extend it would be possible to check easily for new updates on plugins. I gave that some corona thoughts nad came up with a possible solution without any changes to core. The only thing required is to add a file version.txt in the root of each plugin. Clearly it should become part of the plugin documentation such that this becomes the standard.
An initial version is available here : http://www.nuy.info/mantisplugins/Check ... latest.zip
Look forward to the comments and more importantly if you believe this is a good way to handle it :mrgreen:

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Re: (semi) automatic checking for plugin updates.

Post by Starbuck »

I haven't tried it yet but I think it's awesome that you moved directly from identifying a problem to a solution using the tools available.
Did I saw awesome? I meant
I really hope more people see this as inspiration to create plugins that do what they want ... then share with everyone else so that there are more examples of v2+ plugins, and more code bases for people to build upon.
Thanks dude!
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Re: (semi) automatic checking for plugin updates.

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