Adding notes to a private issue and project

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Adding notes to a private issue and project

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Hi guys,
I have a doubt about how Mantis manage private issues and private projects, and what is the expected behavior when there are customizations of status and user levels.

I use a scheme of projects and subprojects in which the subprojects are private.
By default, all users have a minimum user level. Therefore they cannot see any project or sub project.

When I assign a user to a sub-project that should be able to see and add notes, I grant a higher user level for that specific sub-project.

This user who has been added to a subproject with a higher user level should be able to:
- See the Issues of the subproject
- Add notes
- Receive e-mails
- View and download attachments.

It can not do:
- Edit, update, monitor, delete, assign etc.
- add attachments.

These requirements are achieved correctly except the ability to add notes. This is the behavior that I cannot understand if it is correct or wrong.

The config_default_inc.php file is intact. config_inc.php has the minimum necessary to correctly support customizations (states and user levels)

Statuses are:

Code: Select all

$g_status_enum_string = '10:new,21:requested,31:sent to client,51:accepted,81:valid,82:claim,83:expired,91:archived,92:rejected';
Access levels are: by default, all users are guest, when added to a project they are client.

Code: Select all

$g_access_levels_enum_string = '11:guest,56:client,71:advisor,90:administrator';
Advisor and Manager can add notes normally. They create the issues. Guest and Client cannot create an issue

Can someone light the way on how to make Client add notes?

Thank you very much to all

Versión de MantisBT 2.21.1
Versión de esquema 209
Versión de PHP 7.2.23
Controlador de base de datos mysqli
Versión de base de datos; Descripción 10.2.27, 10.2.27-MariaDB
can't add notes
can't add notes
no_add_notes.PNG (13.22 KiB) Viewed 1706 times
notes configuration
notes configuration
notes.PNG (31.3 KiB) Viewed 1706 times

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