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Simple report page

Posted: 19 Jun 2022, 10:10
by cas
I have made a small development to allow a simplified reporting screen to surface for users up to a specific level. This way distinction can be made between senior and end-user reporters.
I made a commit on Github but that does not mean that the dev-team will approve it to be incorporated in a future release.
For those interested anyway, leave a message here :mrgreen:

Re: Simple report page

Posted: 19 Jun 2022, 12:43
by atrol
@cas I didn't try myself, did you try ?

Re: Simple report page

Posted: 20 Jun 2022, 06:32
by cas
Yes, i did look at the EasyEnter plugin and initially it looked pretty good. Then I found strange behavior in combination with another plugin which I could not figure out :cry: . I then started to think if it was possible to do this, as simple as possible allowing to support this out of the box.
This lead to a proposed adjustment to core mantis by adding 6 lines of code to "bug_report_page.php" in combination with 2 config lines within "config_defaults_inc.php".
As it turns out, it appears I have missed a turn in creating the pull request properly but will try to correct that today :mrgreen: