Is there any way of setting session timeout?

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Is there any way of setting session timeout?

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In my organization we're using an old version of Mantis Bug Tracker: 1.2.3 (schema version: 183).

We're having some problems with the app performance. One of the things we found is that the values for $g_min_refresh_delay and
$g_default_refresh_delay had been set to 1 minute, so this meant that every minute the View Issues page was being refreshed. This implies a new query is being thrown to the DB every minute.
So if a user leaves the entire day the "View Issues" page opened in a browser's tab, this will cause the query executes 1440 times.

So besides altering the values for these default preferences, we're trying to set a session timeout for the users to be logged out after a given time with an idle session in the application.

Does anyone know a way of accomplishing that? Or maybe does anyone know of some workaround?

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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