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Problem with main filter View Issue Details

Posted: 30 Nov 2022, 13:20
Hi, I have some problem with Filtering after Import issues from CSV file with international characters.
1. After importing file, is stored with 'HTML-ENTITIES' in the mysql database "_bug_text_table".
2. The filter do not find anything with international characters.
3. After editing the issue in the mantisbt, the coding change in the database "_bug_text_table", and also I find two new record in the "_bug_revision_table". The first (older) is with 'HTML-ENTITIES', and the second, the latest, with normal, without 'HTML-ENTITIES'.
4. I suppose the filter do not find match "árvíztűrő" with "árvíztűrő"
5. I have more thousand issues, so I do not want to edit and save each, instead I want to use the import function.

What is your suggestion, how to solve these issues?