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Remove Unneeded Main Menu Items

Posted: 19 Dec 2022, 15:24
by evenmoreconfused
How can I remove some unneeded items from (what the Admin Guide calls) the Main Menu?

I want to remove the Change Log and the Roadmap from the buttons on the left. I can see (in section 5.21 of the Guide) how to add more items using $g_main_menu_custom_options, but I don't see anything about how to remove the existing ones short of modifying the base code (which I'm loathe to do because of having to repeat it with every new release).

Thanks for all help,

PS: there seems to be a whole sub-section missing in the manual describing this "Main Menu" (I would call them page selector buttons). I guess this is because its organization is page-based, and since this menu is always present, there's no subsection for it. It has 6.1 Login page, 6.2 Main page (which doesn't ever appear here), and 6.3 View Issues Page, but none of them describe the "Main Menu" buttons. Admittedly, their function is pretty obvious, but if one's going to exhaustively describe every element, these should be there too.

Re: Remove Unneeded Main Menu Items

Posted: 19 Dec 2022, 16:02
by cas
add in config/config_inc.php:
$g_roadmap_view_threshold = NOBODY;
$g_view_changelog_threshold = NOBODY;

Re: Remove Unneeded Main Menu Items

Posted: 20 Dec 2022, 04:11
by evenmoreconfused
Thank you, works perfectly!