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PDF export of MANTIS issue WITH attachments(jpg,pdf,..) at the end

Posted: 15 Mar 2023, 10:02
by TestPRs
Dear Forum,

I would like to aks whether there is a possibility to export/print Issues by 1 click in an immeadeate shareable format such as PDF with
- all the nice and clean Issue Details as in the tool
- WITH all attachments of this Issue as well ( of course only those which are printeable. E.g. attached jpgs, pdfs,...)

So that you get a nice and comprehensive issue dossier that can be shared with shareholders outside of the tool.

Background: we use Mantis for tracking problems detected during testing and we are adding e.g. graphs and photos to the issue to give the reader a better understanding of what the problem is about.
As we are working with many stakeholders which are not able to access the mantis tool, the ProblemReport needs to be shareable via email.

A comprehensive Issue export in PDF format with all attachments would do the job

Is there something possible?

Thanks very much