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Localized default value

Posted: 20 Mar 2023, 09:20
by fmo

I would like to define a localized default value for a custom text field.

My need is to guide users with some details on what they should write, using default value.
So default value would be for instance "write here the reference number of the article on which the bug has been found" and I would like to be able to display it in french for french users.

I am doing this successfully for dynamic possible values for an enumeration, but the same does not seem to work with default values.

See on the attached screenshot that I tried to set default value to "=detected_on_pn_default" and wrote the custom function for it, but default text always stays to "detected_on_pn_default".

Admin Guide stops to Date fields only and does not describe other type of fields.


Re: Localized default value

Posted: 03 Apr 2023, 14:49
by fmo
Interesting to see that someone else got the exact same problem (and maybe explained it better).

But disappointing to see that no solution was provided either.

I guess then that the solution is not obvious and would need a plugin to make it work.